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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
The Central was the weakest division last year, not only because of the bottom, but because the top teams were pretty average. The Cards got obviously worse this offseason, and the division lost the Astros to beef up their records with. Both the Cards and Milwaukee have serious pitching problems, and the Reds have serious injury concerns in their rotation. Not to mention they're letting Broxton close now so that Chapman gets a shot at the rotation. It could work, but they are far from a sure thing (which is significant considering the dropoff in division talent after the Reds).

As for what you said about exaggeration, that's pretty dismissive and says a lot more about you than me. It was an obvious exaggeration. It didn't need to be called out.
Hold on- the Reds rotation, which missed a total of 1 start last year, has injury concerns? And serious ones? Yeah there are concerns about how Chapman will hold up as a starter. At this point I'm surprised that you haven't been hired by any Major League teams given your apparently incontrovertible knowledge of who is a lock to get hurt.
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