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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
An argument losses credibility when there is hyperbole used to make the main point. If you said something along the lines of you think the NL Central is the weakest division, your point would not lose credibility. Keep in mind that before the season ends in October, proclamations of how "weak" one division is relative to another is 100% subjective. Most of the big teams are one injury away from mediocre season (lose the stud starter or best hitter, etc.). That cannot be predicted.
The Central was the weakest division last year, not only because of the bottom, but because the top teams were pretty average. The Cards got obviously worse this offseason, and the division lost the Astros to beef up their records with. Both the Cards and Milwaukee have serious pitching problems, and the Reds have serious injury concerns in their rotation. Not to mention they're letting Broxton close now so that Chapman gets a shot at the rotation. It could work, but they are far from a sure thing (which is significant considering the dropoff in division talent after the Reds).

As for what you said about exaggeration, that's pretty dismissive and says a lot more about you than me. It was an obvious exaggeration. It didn't need to be called out.
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