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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Just some tidbits, facts and factoids about the season. Discuss as you will:

Sox finished 85 - 77 .524 (High mark +16 over .500 on August 26.) Sox went 14-22 after that. Sox went 4-11 in last 15 games costing them the division.

Under current G.M. Kenny Williams this is the eighth winning season out of 12 years. (Eight winning seasons, three losing seasons, one .500 season) Two post season appearances, one World Series championship. Average Sox record under Kenny: 84.50 wins, 77.58 losses.
May 15: Detroit 10, Sox 8 – Peavy was cruising with a 6-0 lead in the 6th inning, and then completely lost it. Tigers scored 10 unanswered runs for the win. Gave them the confidence that they could beat the Sox anytime they needed to.

September 19: K.C. 4, Sox 3 - Sox take early 3-0 lead against “Catfish” Guthrie…then Rios hesitates trying to score on a wild pitch…then Ramirez falls asleep and gets picked off 3rd base. Instead of being up four or five runs, lead remains at three. Royals come back to win, Detroit had already lost and the Sox blew a chance to increase the lead to three games.
Lip, thanks for pulling this together. Great job on breaking down the Sox "lost opportunity" season.

All games count the same in the standings, but these 2 really stand out to me as the ones where the season was lost. That Detroit loss meant a 2 game swing in the standings. 6 run lead with a $17M pitcher on the mound and we lose. Wow.

The 9/19 game was another one where the Sox blew it. Mental errors like getting picked off 3rd are inexcusable. There's 3 games in the standings right there in a season where the Sox ended 3 games back.

Originally Posted by asindc View Post
That game is at the top of my list. Taking the starter out after 77 pitches through 8 in a shutout? I like the job RV did overall, but that was his worst decision of the season, IMO.
And this was another blown chance. I think this game was the poster-child for KW's plan to hire a manager who has had ZERO professional coaching experience. Wow, he made some critical errors in judgement? I'm shocked!

IMO, I feel that KW was sort of conceding the 2012 season at the start. Perhaps he was surprised himself at how the Sox were in the race early on and how he was able to boost this lineup with Youkilis.

But, instead of hiring a more seasoned manager while teaching RV the ropes by managing in the minors or by starting off as a bench coach, KW went with on-the-job training. This to me was inexcusable. It was a signal to me that the Sox weren't going for it this year.
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