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Looking at this team it was missing what I call the "Magic" needed that puts most teams in the winning / championship catagory. Those Magic teams win 1 run games 60-70% of the time.. They win 60-70% of their extra inning games. They shut out other teams at a 2 to 1 clip. They are the antithesis of mediocrity. Sure, you have to be a good team to compete, but also catching a little lightning in a bottle helps as well. Look at Baltimore this year. They were a pain in the Yankees ass because they always found a way to pull em out. Sure, they didnt win the division, but in this day and age they are atleast going to the dance..

I as alot of old farts on this board know the Sox drill.. .500 ball going in and hoping they catch the "magic" somewhere along the season. Only problem is, alot of rabbits have been AWOL when extracted from hats.

Great work LIP. Nothing tells the true story untill its laid out for all to see. We can all come up with reasons for this or that, but as you say, "The Numbers" dont lie. You have to go by the numbers because a number to the right of the W/L column is what tells you where you eventually end up when all is said and done..

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