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This and that:

The Sox do not have a team president for those that asked the question.

Russ: It's been in the papers for months that the Sox aren't going to pick up the option. Peavy himself was quoted months ago as understanding the situation. The speculation was that because Jake said he enjoyed playing in Chicago, that perhaps something could be worked out on a deal after the Sox declined the option at 22 million. They'll owe him a four million dollar buyout and then can talk to him again if both sides choose to.

Kenny has commented often in recent years how the day to day pressure is starting to effect him health-wise. Remember many said that Kenny would never quit or get fired because of his close association with J.R. but that he might get 'promoted.'

This may not be a bad thing, many felt the Sox didn't go far enough last year after they let Ozzie go, that Kenny should have been kicked upstairs and a brand new team put into place.

Seems to be happening.

Time for new blood. It'll be interesting as Hahn (assuming it is him) will have significant challenges with Youk, Peavy, Liriano, A.J. as free agents and Floyd potentially as one (Sox hold the option) plus Danks' uncertain status plus who knows what type of payroll he'll have to work with.

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