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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
Stick up for me kufram. If they win about 70 games or so I won't fall out of my chair, but I'd like to think that with Beckham and Tank back, and a continuation of solid pitching the season can be salvaged. I have no playoff hopes and it is kind of funny to me that I'm getting laughed at for being "optimistic."

I've been very negative this season (pissed off about the comatose offseason) but I agree with you to a certain point.

The Sox have shown in the past that when the weather gets nice they can have some sporadic offensive performances that are great. What bothers me is that they seem to follow a 9 run game with a shutout. Until they can get some consistency they will be in trouble.

But to your point its April and I am going to believe the Sox will be in the hunt come September because its depressing to think otherwise.
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