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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Which basically proves my original point, the dude spent most of his career as a GM as a laughingstock and then he magically overnight turned into a genius? No, it's spelled L-U-C-K.
Or It could mean that the people doing the laughing were wrong, defining Sabean by the Zito signing, or the person being laughed at improved by learning from mistakes. There wasn't anything lucky about the Giants winning the World Series in 2010 and 2012. Getting out of the National League was a bit more of a struggle for the Giants last year, and there may have been a bit of luck with the genius running the Nationals shutting down Strasburg, which may or may not have impacted the NLCS, but every team who made the NL postseason last year was clearly superior than every team who made the AL postseason last year.

In 2010, Sabean went out and got exactly what the team needed to catch and overtake the Padres before and after the trading deadline. The Giants were lucky that the players performed as they were capable. They were lucky that more players didn't get more seriously injured. But that really isn't being lucky.

Teams don't win World Series championships because of luck.
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