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Originally Posted by shingo10 View Post
Once again Thornton cannot be trusted. He does not have the make up to pitch in tight ballgames.

I know Jones has been struggling this year but at this point he would be a better option in my opinion. Unless he is hurt because I haven't seen him in a while.

Quintana backs up last years solid outing against Boston with another. On their message board they must be going crazy about how Cy Quintana owns them...the thought makes me smile.

Hopefully Hector can keep it rolling tomorrow. If Konerko could get going offensively our team might look really good all of the sudden...

Maybe this is the year where we take off in the second half and finish the job. Here's to hoping
You can't be serious. Thornton doesn't have the stuff he used to have. His velocity has declined with age and his K rate has declined as well. He's been a good reliever for the Sox for years, but the end is obviously coming. It doesn't have anything to do with "make up." He has a high-mileage arm at this point, plain and simple.

Jones has been walking people whenever he gets into a high-leverage situation. Until I see more strikes, I don't want him out there in a tight game.
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