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Originally Posted by mantis1212 View Post
No kidding, I can't even believe it's a debate. On top of that, Cabrera's team went to the playoffs and Trout's team did not, alomst always a factor in MYP voting.

Triple crown = MYP, period. Unless a pitcher wins 30 games or something.
I have a question about the stat of WAR. Wins Above Replacement, commonly known as WAR, is a non-standardized sabermetric baseball statistic that is used to show how many more wins a player would give a team as opposed to a "replacement level", or minor league/bench player at that position (As quoted from Wikipedia).

My question is what if a team went on a tear when that player was replaced? Because it happened, it happened this year. When Joey Votto went on the DL. The team actually got better.

"Although he was playing at an MVP level before the injury, the Reds didnít a miss a beat during his absence. They went 33-16 without him and padded their NL Central lead from one game to 8 Ĺ games." (Quoted from Sporting News).

This stat is so relative on so many factors. Again, I'm not trying to take away anything Mike Trout did this year. He had a great year, but all arguments for him winning the MVP, that I've heard are coming back to that he leads all MLB players in WAR. That stat in my mind has no merit to anything factual. Just for the fact of my example of what happened with Joy Votto, a previous MVP candidate, who prior to his injury was having a MVP type season.

I also think for WAR to have any merit in the conversation of MVP, that player's team should be in the playoffs. Don't you think? Because WAR is all about winning games.

Am I understand this stat wrong? Or do I have a good argument?

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