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Originally Posted by roylestillman View Post
I don't mind that the montage was retired, but the new narrative one doesn't work. Hearing that over baked speech every game is going to get a little tiresome. Music over clips is all you need. I hate to keep bringing them up, but the Hawks new "I stand for.." Scoreboard video over fun's Some Nights works and they seem to change it up every so often.

I don't mind that they want to change the "Pirates" opening, and I agree they should probably consider changing "Thunderstruck." I can listen to the argument that they have customers who may think, "wow, I haven't been here in 6 years and they haven't even updated the pregame video."

The "Pirates" video was really, really, well done. It's OK to do something different, but if you are going to change it, it needs to be better.

The problem isn't that it was changed, the problem is the new product isn't good.

And also- "Once you hear it, we think you'll like it?" Really? The video was planned for nights where the crowd is 18,000 and silent? You might want to put together something that fires everyone up ESPECIALLY when the park is full.
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