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Originally Posted by Randar68
There's always room on board, but beware, I also started the "Aaron Rowand is a AAAA LF'er" Club, LOL!
I've been meaning to ask you about that....

... especially since I was on board with you on that one too, even if I wasn't as vocal about it.

Originally Posted by Randar68
It's nice to have this convo in here without most of the usual spammers filling it up with tripe, LOL!
Agreed. I especially love the spam from the resident Konerko and Sox player worshippers, who wouldn't trade Paulie or even a fifth-rate 34 year-old Sox "prospect" straight up for a package of Clemens, Prior, Helton and $100 million. They think just because a player is in the Sox organization, they must be untouchable and HOF-bound.
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