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Originally Posted by Randar68
Yeah, because they're winning so many games?

Getting out from under his contract (or most of it) is reason enough. How did Pittsburg rationalize trading Giles and Kendall? Taking Konerko and Dye is 2 short-term contracts. I didn't say that is all that would be offerred in the trade, I'm sure we'd have to throw in a couple prospects (Rogowski, Tracey, etc) in turn for more money thrown in on their side.

For those saying we can't afford to pick up his contract, how much different is paying Maggs 14 million and Konerko 8 million compared to Helton + Brian Anderson? or Helton + Ryan Sweeney? Or Helton + Pods?

However you care to rationalize it, this organization was willing to make that financial committment to Maggs for 5 years. Helton's a better all-around hitter than Maggs, ferchrissakes, and it ain't close.
I think Colorado would do this or something similar in a heartbeat. But the length of Helton's contract will give any GM pause. He'll be 37 by the time the contract is up, making it very possible they could wind up with big dollars committed to a player who's not producing or not even playing. That's a big risk and probably unnecessary when they've got plenty of good 1B prospects in the minors.

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