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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
I'm not willing to give up on Rienzo yet. He's got really good stuff and has flashes of brilliance sprinkled in. Last night Pujols pulled some two-strike bs where he had swung and missed but convinced the home plate umpire that it was a foul tip. With a man in scoring position, this might have rattled some pitchers. Rienzo came right back and wiped him out with a breaking ball at his toes on the very next pitch.

I agree that it is too early to give up on Andres, but he has to command a bit better. Great wipeout curveball, and decent fastball, but the cutter seems weak.

Anyone see Trout standing next to Beckham on second base? He looks much bigger than fast as he is, he is also big.

And yes, that Pujols stuff was a Johnny Red Kerr always said when a bad foul was called and the guy missed the free throws...''early ripe, early rotten''....good to see Pujols go down.
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