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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
How do you not understand this. Jordan Danks, if the sox did not let him slip away in high school, and he was not Johns brother, maybe Sox fans would stop over rating him. He hit in the .320s in college. In the purest, simplest breakdown I can, if you don't hit in the mid .400s or better in high school you probably will not succeed at D1 ball level. When you get to College, to be a top prospect, you should hit in the high .300's to low .400s. Hitting in the low .300s is just not impressive from the collegiate level because most teams do not field strong defenses. Danks at best is going to be a pretty good lead off hitter. Less speed then a Pods but more doubles. He doesn't have the leg stride that allows him to max his power potential, and that was exploited in college. He is a plus defender with a good arm, good speed, pretty good eye and decent bat control. If you think he is anywhere near a top flight prospect you are only fooling yourself.

Poreda vs Porcello, I wouldn't even get into this arguement with me because you are going to be coming unarmed. Poreda was great in rookie ball, yes, throwing a 97 mph fastball by a bunch of guys who are now using their college degrees for employment. He pitched ok in Single A, but for a guy with his velocity he does not possess a strike out pitch beyond a fastball. He has a below average Curveball so bad hes trying to develop a slider but neither are a strike out pitch. He won't do well in high levels of the minors without a breaking ball. Without the breaking ball he also will never last as a closer. Look at Bobby Jenks, and how he dominated when he lost his velo, with a cutter and that nasty yacker.

Poreda was drafted for various reasons. He is tall, throws very hard, and he isn't a BAD prospect. however, he was an easy sign who was not using the services of Boras.

Rick Porcello on the other hand: He was the TOP prep prospect since probably Josh Beckett. He throws 90-94 steady and touches 96 97 when he wants too. He throws a SINKER at 94, and 2 different Curveballs. Both with the same drop, one sitting in the 80s the other low 70s. He has a slider/slurve that he uses to set up a lot of stuff that if he gets down to a 2 plain slider could be the best pitch he throws. His changeup is filthy. Add to the fact he can throw these for Strikes when he wants, and yes, I believe (as does every prospect rating system in baseball) that he is one of the top 6-10 pitching prospects in baseball and one of the top 20 prospects in the game. You don't have to believe me, look at baseball america, espn, rotoworld, any place, Porcello is top 20 prospect, usually sitting in the 8-12 range. Poreda usually in the 60-80 range.

There were 2 reasons only we did not draft Rick Porcello. He was asking for good draft money, and his agent was Scott Boras. Not only will passing on him haunt us, it will several times a year when we have to face him.
I stopped reading after your completely abysmal examination of college hitting. Good ****ing grief. Danks hit .021 points lower than Evan Longoria did in his last season of college. In fact, lots of guys expected Danks to go way higher than he did, but he mainly slipped because of concerns he wouldn't sign.
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