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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
Drilling Mauer may stop the Twins from taking liberties from White Sox players. Its not about proving anything. Its time for the Sox to stop getting hit by Minnesota pitching. Time for Minnesota baserunners to stop giving Sox catchers cheap shots. If it takes one to Mauer's ribs to get that to stop, and apparently doing nothing doesn't make it stop, then drill Mauer. Let Delmon Young know if he pulls something, Joey is going to pay. I guarantee Delmon or any other Twins player will not go out of their way to cheap shot a White Sox catcher anymore.
You just made the best point on this thread. Drill Mauer and let the Twins take care of Delvin.

They certainly don't seem to mind hitting Carlos! so, why should we be at all concerned about hitting Mauer? I'd like to see him hit the dirt first, then hit him.
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