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Originally Posted by oeo View Post
Trading Cabrera and inserting Getz isn't going to make us much faster. It's not like Cabrera is slow.

Cabrera's play has been fine. He's playing good D (something I'm not sure Alexei will do right now at SS), and hitting the ball reasonably well. Taking him out of the lineup isn't going to make things better, it will make them worse.
I agree with this assessment. It's not like Cabrera is hurting the team. He makes some nice plays, can do some things with the bat that others have trouble donig (like consistently getting a runner home from third with one out), and his defense is solid.

That said, he can walk at the end of the year as far as I'm concerned. Whether Ramirez is the answer at SS I don't know. I like him at second and if he can keep getting more reps there, he can be very good. Some of his mistakes there are mental and not having played there enough.
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