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Originally Posted by Jjav829
We were flat out dominated tonight. Ervin Santana looked like Johan Santana against us. Orlando Cabrera looked like Miguel Cabrera against us. Darin Erstad looked like, well, he looked like someone who can actually hit. Horrible game. Just another in the long list of horrible west coast games.

Garland wasn't great, but really, this could have been a 0-0 game going into the 9th. Crede's misplay was huge out there. It's a simple catch and tag and two runs don't score. That said, Garland does have to make the pitches to get out of the jam.

We talked about this in the chat, but does anyone else think that if Rowand is in center, those runs don't score? Frankly, as I said, I think Rowand catches both the Kennedy double and the Molina single. For that matter, Pods might catch those balls. I have no idea why Timo was in center. It should have been Pods in center with Rowand resting. That's a poor decision by Ozzie. It's becoming clearer that Timo is gone when Gload and Frank return.

Just a crappy game. Before someone points it out - and I realize that by the time I've typed this all up and clicked submit, someone probably will have - Santana had a 13 ERA coming into the game. Let's not get too worked up over that though. It was one bad outing in his major league debut. He's a good young pitcher with talent. It's still embarrassing to get shutout by a rookie making only his second major league start. I would hope the Sox are embarrassed by that.
You are right with what you said. Pods needs to be in center when Rowand is out. Those balls would have been caught because Rowand has such a better read on the ball than Timo does. That pop fly single that scored a run would have definately been caught by Rowand.

Ya, last night even though it was a close game, the Sox were never in it because we looked lost at the plate. When Crede did not come up with that tag at third I never we would be in for it.

We will bounce back tonight though with Buerhle on the hump.

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