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Originally Posted by PKalltheway View Post
Perhaps one of the most intelligent discussions I've heard on this subject. Very informative. So many people like to use a broad brush to paint the picture as to why the World Series ratings keep dwindling by saying "football." While that is A reason why the ratings are so low, it is not THE ONLY reason.

Plus, people were speculating back in '06 (or whenever the last TV contracts were being negotiated) that "by the next time MLB has to negotiate new TV deals, they're going be worth so much less, etc." Not. Even. Close. They are worth more now than they have ever been before. Heck, even look at the worth of some of the local TV deals now.

Love some intelligent baseball discussion.
As do I. It's a complicated issue. It is interesting that you point out the TV deal despite the low ratings. (Funny that in 2005 Cubs fans were blaming the White Sox, or maybe it was the only joy they could get from postseason baseball, not having had any of their own since Moises Alou complained he was interfered with when he team was five outs away from the World Series. But I digress.)

If baseball demanded some of the things some here believe should be done to increase the popularity of baseball and the World Series -- i.e. networks that aren't MLB not showing the Yankees and Red Sox more often, World Series games, all or some being played during the day etc. -- I am guessing the television money would be less.
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