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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
The down side of your idea is that you'd have to actually find a manager then, could be more wait and trouble than it is worth.
It probably wouldn't take 16 minutes. I see no reason anyone with no one else in line would wait 16 minutes for a sandwich. There is no back room where they are making them. You can see what is going on.

I think anyone having problems with ushers or concessions or whatever at the park, would be far better served asking to speak to a manager and getting to the bottom of it there than posting it here where it isn't all that specific. That way they can address the individual(s) who are actually responsible for the poor service. I've been going to games for years and I haven't seen this dropoff in customer service myself. Concession lines do move slowly, but not any slower than they moved 20 years ago. I would imagine while people here seem to enjoy every other stadium's experience much better, there are just as many fans of other teams who come to Chicago, that are singing the praises of USCF and wonder why the employees working at their home park can't be like them.

I also think the better the White Sox play, the smaller this thread if posted yearly becomes. I think a lot of this is frustration from the team's performance.
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