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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Somebody has to explain to me why anyone actually thinks the Sox are going to do the complete tear down and rebuild model?
I don't think that the Sox are going to go through a complete overhaul. I do think that they may move some veterans and players whose contracts end after 2013.

I would list the players who may be on the trading block this way:

Likely to go

1. Jesse Crain (contract expires after 2013)
2. Matt Thornton (contract expires after 2013)

May go

1. Jake Peavy (contract expires after 2014, option for 2015)

Peavy's injury makes it less likely that he is dealt but if he comes back by late July, it is possible. Dealing Peavy could net the Sox some young talent. And, in any event, the Sox rotation as soon as next year could be:

Chris Sale
John Danks
Hector Santiago
Jose Quintana
Erik Johnson

2. Paul Konerko (contract expires after 2013)

I don't think the Sox will bring Konerko back in 2014. And he could still help a contender down the stretch. He would have to approve a deal but he might to help the club and to make the playoffs one more time in what could be his last year.

Might go but don't be surprised if they stay

1. Jeff Keppinger (contract expires after 2015)

Sox would love to deal him and he might help a contender. I only see this happening, though, if the Sox make another team take Keppinger if they want Peavy or Rios.

2. Alex Rios (contract expires in 2014, option for 2015)

Sox might deal him but opposing club would have to make a great offer. I don't see the Sox trading Rios for anything less than top value.

3. Alexei Ramirez (contract expires after 2015, I think)

I don't really see the Sox moving him, as they don't have another SS ready to go unless you count Carlos Sanchez. But, again, if the Sox are bowled over with an offer, they could move in another direction and find another SS for a while. Heck, the A's seem to do that every season and they seem to do OK.

4. Adam Dunn (contract expires after 2014)

Before anyone starts laughing or rolls their eyes, consider this: by mid-to-late July, Dunn could easily be batting .210 with 25 HR and 60 RBI. And that might enough to make him tradeable.

I am not saying that the Sox wouldn't have to eat some of the contract but they might be able to deal Dunn to a team that desperately needs left handed power. And if the Sox got a low level prospect and some salary relief, they should declare victory and cut their losses on this guy.
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