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Originally Posted by Grzegorz View Post
Your impressions of Mantle and Frank Robinson?

I never got to see the Mick play live in person but my older brother did, and he still remembers the game he went to and saw Mick homer from both sides of the plate against the Sox.

I only saw him at the very tail end of his career and he was a shadow of his former self.

Now Frank Robinson, was a HOF'er and I only remember his Oriole years. Frank could do it all. Hit, run and field.

My all time NL Outfield would be Hank Aaron LF, Willie Mays CF and I often go back and forth between Robinson and Clemente for RF. It's that close between them in my eyes.

PS. The 1971 World Series is largely remembered for the show Roberto Clemente put on, and the nation got to see him on the big stage one last time before his untimely death, and he did not disappoint. But Frank Robinson also had a heckuva series and I think he and Roberto were neck and neck for the World Series MVP. (if i remember correctly)
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