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Originally Posted by HomeFish View Post
Simply putting up historic numbers is not going to get Mike Trout noticed by the media. It's not enough, it hasn't been enough for half a decade. He used to be able to use Anaheim as an excuse, but Ohtani plays in Anaheim and has no problem being a media darling and a household name.

Mike Trout's problem is that apart from being incredibly good at baseball, he's boring. He needs off the field issues. If he starts acting like Manny Ramirez, he'll get media attention. Especially once Tatis comes up for San Diego and breaks all of his records.
Ohtani has the benefit of being from Japan. Often Asian players who do well in American sports and have name recognition in their home country before they came here draw a lot of extra attention. In addition, Ohtani is doing something that no one does anymore pitching and hitting at an All-Star level.

I'm sure if Trout continues his dominance this season people will start talking about it more later in the year, but I'd bet there are people who have had comparable 1/3 seasons before. It won't really be news until we get to late August if he's sustaining the pace. Then people will notice, but WAR, OPS and other newer stats don't draw the attention that AVG, HR. do. Not saying that's right but the vast majority of fans who follow baseball have no idea what bWAR is or why it differs from fWAR. Heck, the vast majority of those fans have never even visited Fangraphs or Baseball Reference. I don't recall Frank Thomas getting much national press for his amazing 1994 season before the strike either, but again, statistical excellence across many different categories doesn't carry the same eye appeal as extreme dominance in one.

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