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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
I don't even see how they can carry those five guys. You can't have a four man bench with three infielders, none of whom can play shortstop. I guess Gillaspie can play left field, but you'd have a bench without anyone capable at SS or CF. Considering Dunn and Keppinger are probably next to un-moveable, it seems the only option would be to get rid of Gillaspie, the only guy out of that group that I would want!
I agree with you, but the Sox played most of last season without a back-up shortstop (unless you consider Beckham to be an option). They look at A. Garcia as a back-up in center. Gillaspie in LF? Why not. In past years, this organization stuck Ozuna, Sax and other infielders out there so what the heck -- I guess anyone can play left. Put Flowers out there. See what happens.
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