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I think the shift for lefthanders is somewhat the same as the strikeout issue. When Dunn is hitting in front of Paulie, it is a good thing when he gets on base especially if they already have a runner. Not just Dunn, but many lefties including Thome always swing into the shift. If Dunn is hitting w a man on and the opponents put the shift on, an occasional bunt especially in a close game last night could be huge.
Just an example was last night, Sox in first inning had Dunn up w first and second and 1 out. 3rd baseman was over to prevent the steal but was deep. Dunn strikes out and then paulie hit a bullet that was caught by Gomes. Now if Dunn could have got the runner up to 3rd w a bunt once he had 2 strikes and loaded the bases that would have been a key run in what was a close game till the late innings. But bunting is a lost art w many regulars and does not exist among the free-swingers. But if a guy like Dunn used it once or twice a month in key situations , the threat would give him more space on the right side of the infield.
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