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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
Is anyone that surprised that Big Bang Theory (or whatever comedy) reruns gets better ratings nationally that Sox games? It's a business decision pure and simple and I'm surprised it took them that long to figure it out.

Blackout rules won't change until the regional sports network bubble bursts, which actually may be in the next 5 years or so.
I hope you're right. The RSNs and ESPN are a total rip off for people who want cable but aren't into sports. Right now, the choice for consumers is pay the high monthly surcharge for these channels (reflected in your bill) or cut the cord.

I really hope the day comes soon where cable/sat providers are forced to offer sports networks a la carte. Let sports fans pay for it themselves and not have the price essentially subsidized by everyone else. The market will dictate how much ESPN and the RSNs can get away with charging customers. No reason why everyone in the NY Yankees television market should have to pay for YES no matter what their interest in that team if they want cable or satellite.

Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

Remember JR and Rocky Wirtz are tight, both paid half for building the United Center. (Specifically the Wirtz family not Rocky personally) Of course if JR is no longer on the scene all bets are off but I'd guess the Hawks would stay with the Sox and Bulls.


Again for what it's worth when I asked Bob Grim the Sox director of broadcast operations about a la carte programming options for fans he doubted it would happen because of the chaos it would cause cable and satellite companies. But we'll see...I know there's a legal suit from some football fans against DirecTV that may be winding its way through the courts and that could possibly force a la carte programming but I don't know the status of it at this time.

They are Browns fans and are suing because they have to pay for the entire NFL Sunday Ticket package when all they want to watch is their team.

I know the extra innings package at 250 bucks a year is out of my range (and outrageous to boot for an industry that Bud Selig said is "worth seven billion dollars a year...") But if I could just get the Sox games I could afford 75 or 100.

Lip has price options of $79.99 and $99.99 per year:

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