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Originally Posted by harwar View Post
Even though in this day and age, it won't happen, i think a trip to Charlotte couldn't hurt .. i've seen it happen in the past when players in the starting lineup were sent down because they were absolutely lost offensively, much as Dunn is today .. i was wondering what would happen to his contract if the White Sox were to release him outright (which i think is highly unlikely) .. does his contract then become void and leave open the possibility of some team signing him to a base salary contract? .. management would have to be wary of him changing teams only to have him become a productive player .. also, i believe that there is no chance that Dunn will retire mid-season .. possibly after the season is over, if things continue the way they are .. at any rate, he definitely should be hitting lower in the batting order..
What happens if Dunn is told he is being sent down, and he refuses to report? Do the Sox gain any leverage?
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