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Originally Posted by Falstaff View Post
I don't know if this been considered: What about send Dunn to AAA for awhile and get intense coaching and a chance to (hopefully) destroy AAA pitching. Figure out what needs to be figured out for awhile, and if he has success with that assignment, come back to the big leagues.
Maybe Dunn has to OK this, but how could he not have the integrity, at this point, to do whats right for the team as well as any hope of productive
MLB career. What else is there to do besides ride the bench?
Dunn refuses to work out, get in shape, and take swings in the offseason. What makes you think he'd do anything professional during the season? He has an AWFUL work ethic.
Also, If he were willing to sacrifice during a season, don't you think at some point against shift he'd slow down bat speed and slap or bunt a hit (prob a double) down 3rd base line?
Do the white sox know that it is Designated Hitter, not Designated Out?
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