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I loved Carlos Lee. He wasn't the most heads up player nor was he much for defense but man could he mash the ball. He hit a ton of big RBIs for the Sox in his career. I attended his debut game in 1999 and he hit a HR off Tom Candiotti in his first ever MLB AB. I remember I went to that game with my Dad and he asked me if this "Lee guy" was supposed to be any good. I told him that all I knew about him was that he was hitting a lot of HRs in the minors. No sooner did the words escape my lips, we heard the crack of the bat and outta the park it went.

My other favorite Carlos Lee HR was the one others mentioned where he walked off the Cubs with a grand slam on an 0-2 pitch. That was the loudest I've ever heard our ballpark for a non-playoff game.
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