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Originally Posted by soxfan21 View Post
This is garbage, and just another reason why I won't be renewing next season. I got a new rep this year, old one was Nathalie, and he has not been close to be as helpful as she was. It's nice getting 3 days notice of this, when in the past I believe we got about a month's notice prior to Grinder Bash. Don't know if I'll be able to make it this year which is too bad, it was the one thing that I was actually looking forward to this season.
A buddy of mine told me about it the last game I was at (Sunday vs. Cle) I don't know how he knew and nobody else did. So I went home, checked my account and emails and saw nothing and thought he was pulling my leg. Another friend of mine was at that game too and and he called his rep and that's how we found out it was still on. I just assumed there would be another one later in the year.
Playoffs? PLAYoffs?
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