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Default Help on a jersey...

OK, my brother is currently stationed in Korea. While in Korea he informed me that this is where the jersey's are made. They cost like 5 bucks to make and then sell them here for 100.00. Anyway, he is home on leave and brought my jersey's to me yesterday. I got an 83 Fisk, current road Thome and Dye. I plan on getting two more. I was thinking the Fisk road 81 and another 83 road. However the 59 or 60 Fox seems nice too. I never liked the collars so much but I love that old script Chicago. Any feedback? what would you get. I forgot to mention they are only 35 bucks!!!! He also go some for my nephew. Can't beat that proce. I have to admit they are not the best quality I was hoping for (like the 300.00 ones) but pretty sweet deal nontheless!
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