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Originally Posted by RCWHITESOX View Post
It's a shame but every sport has someone who just has to be in the spotlight; for reasons that have nothing to do with the team. Examples of guys you probably already know M Ramirez, D Rodman, T Owens, Birdman, and the list goes on and on. Team sports just aren't good enough for some individuals unless they can stand out from the rest; not for their accomplishments on the field but for their outrageous actions. I'm not saying the afore mentioned players aren't talented; their just a little bit off their rocker. In a team sport to see a guy like the birdman tattooed head to toe with a mohawk haircut to me belongs in sports that are not team oriented and sets a poor example for children who idolize them. Most people when they go to work and are exposed to the general public are held to higher standards.I am sure there are a lot of people who might agree with me ; but in today's new culture I am sure there is just as many that won't. But that's the great thing about being able to express your thoughts.
I'm surprised the NBA allows him to play with that hairdo due to the safety of other players. I noticed during the playoffs how sharp and pointy his hair was and wondered whether or not other players could get scratched or get poked in the eye while fighting for rebounds, etc.

I think these flambouant players know their time in the spotlight may be limited so they take advantage of their branding and is use it for endorsements, etc. I would rather have a Paul Molitor on my team than a Manny Ramirez.
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