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Originally Posted by sullythered View Post
You haven't seen anything in his minor league numbers that suggest he could be a high OBP guy? Have you looked at his minor league numbers?
If you had looked at the earlier posts you would see that I have and I also pointed out that above A ball he has has struck out twice as often as he has walked. His OBP in AAA is .358, a very nice OBP but right up there with Josh Fields' .382 OBP in AAA and Jerry Owens' .355 OBP in AAA.

My point is you can't put a lot of stock in a guys numbers in the minors because he is going to face a lot of garbage pitchers and can cover his mistakes against those guys, especially in a hitter friendly park like the one in Charlotte. Flowers' numbers indicate he is going to strike out far more often than he walks and that was against a lot of garbage pitching too. Imagine how he will do against major league pitching.

I would also argue that while Flowers does have some upside he is another low average, low OBP, high strike out guy and the White Sox lineup as currently constructed has too many guys like that already.

Go Sox!!!
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