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Originally Posted by Bobby Thigpen View Post
Yes. Because no one in history has ever been big before. He had no genetic disposition to be his size. I'm sure, if he just quit sitting on his couch eating cheetos he'd be 175 lbs. Wait, he did quit eating fat ass foods, worked his butt off in workouts, and was still big. Damn his life choices.
Vegetarian doesn't equal not eating "fat ass foods." One still has to pick healthy options despite being vegetarian. Think about how much vegetarian food has copious amounts of fat in it. Also, from his Wiki page:

"Prior to the 2008 season Fielder became a vegetarian. Fielder made this choice after reading Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, given to him by his wife. However, his time as a vegetarian was short-lived; in January 2012, in his introductory press conference as a Detroit Tiger, he stated, "I'm not a vegetarian. I was, for like three months."

So, really, please know what you are talking about next time. Saves me time (as in the 10 seconds it could have taken to find this info). Thanks in advance!
Ridiculousness across all sports:

(1) "You have no valid opinion because you never played the game."
(2) "Stats are irrelevant. This guy just doesn't know how to win."