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Originally Posted by GoSox2K3 View Post
Who appointed you the WSI fan police?

You don't like the direction the organization is taking? THEN WHY STAY A FAN? WHY ARE YOU STILL A FAN? ANSWER MY QUESTION!

Just because you're a smart ass to everyone here doesn't make you right. I thought this thread was supposed to be about Hahn's rebuilding thoughts but it's been hijacked by you ripping on other posters and making bull**** arguments about why other people are still fans (and how fat they are).
When it has been the same complaints over and over and over and over again from the same people, you start to wonder why, if it makes them so unhappy they continue to support that team.

I just don't get why it's acceptable to call someone a fat ass, when pretty much every other derogatory term imaginable isn't allowed.
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