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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
Where did I say it was? Just pointing out that even though MLB didn't have a policy against steroid use, it was still against the law. I thought that was pretty obvious.

Did Bonds have a prescription? McGwire? Palmeiro? If not.....still illegal.

Palmeiro and Bonds never injected themselves with steroids, so they had plausible deniability. The whole "I thought it was a B-12 shot" or "I never knowingly took steroids" excuses. Their trainers were the ones who the Feds went after. When McGwire was taking Andro, it was available over the counter at GNC.

But amphetamines are as big of a deal as PEDs for sure. The only difference is we don't have images of guys in front of Congress flat-out lying or being evasive, so the steroids issue just seems dirtier and seedier.

Originally Posted by TDog View Post
The Hall of Fame has never been about the numbers. The charge of the voters states that they are supposed to consider character, integrity and sportstmanship. It does not say they are supposed to consider numbers.

Barry Bonds numbers are meaningless. Even if it were about the numbers, they wouldn't qualify him for the Hall of Fame. In any case, the infamous don't belong in the Hall of Fame.
The outdated and often ignored character clause. The HOF isn't only about the numbers, but it's about 90% about the numbers. Bonds and Clemens aren't outright banned from the HOF like Rose and Shoeless Joe, so they will get in eventually. Even many of this year's no voters have conceded that point.

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