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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
Why does any of this matter? You said it yourself- cheating is cheating is cheating. End of story. Period. Was Pete Rose a HOFer before he bet on games? Absolutely. Was Joe Jackson a HOFer before he threw a World Series? No doubt. There's no reason why some players should be forgiven for cheating just because they were great players beforehand.
It's interesting to compare Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose to the current situation, but there's a huuuuge difference. The commissioner in both cases had the balls to actually ban them. Now we have idiot BBWA voters with no guidance getting to decide who was and wasn't clean.

Originally Posted by spawn View Post
And cocaine isn't a performance enhancer. And this isn't meant to excuse his drug use, but according to Raines himself, his performance suffered because of his drug use.
According to many steroid users, steroids hampered their performance (I'll bring up Tom House again). Probably there is some truth on both sides though - take the wrong kind of steroids and it's going to hamper a player's performance; take too much coke and it'll do the same. But absolutely taken in the right quantities, cocaine is a performance enhancer - how else were players partying all night, and still playing 160+ games?

Originally Posted by spawn View Post
McGwire has admitted to taking steroids. And again, you keep glossing over the fact that it is illegal. Baseball may not have had a policy in place, but the federal government did.
And cocaine isn't?? BTW, when Manny tested positive he had a prescription.

Originally Posted by TDog View Post

The Hall of Fame is not about the numbers
This is what has watered down the HOF about as much as steroids will. Jim Rice didn't have HOF-worthy career numbers but he got in because he was a "feared hitter" for a few years. Jack Morris will probably get in despite his borderline numbers because everybody remembers a couple amazing posteseasons. Rizzuto got in because he was a Yankee. Mazeroski got in because he hit a WS-winning walkoff homer. Etc.

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