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And speaking of Terrible Wastes of Space.....wouldnt it have been better to have Located the Bullpen Bar in LF instead? So it could be a Year Round Destination (like the Fridays in Milwaukee, or the Sports bar to be built in Philly etc etc etc) ALong these lines, instead of a giant concrete slab across 35th street....How about letting a Developer put some buildings there to house People, restaurants, and more bars? Now wait Jerry, I know how you think. your thinking wait a second,,,,,I dont want anyone buying beer from someone else besides me. Well, the other team 8 miles North hasnt gone out of Business yet because of all the other restaurants, bars and related industries that have popped up and around that place have they? No. they havnt. In fact, theyre doing quite nicely ($$$wise anyway). THeyve simply siphoned off some of the fringe and casual fans (the very fans your study is saying havnt been around lately) towards their business. the more people are AROUND your business, the more apt they are to spend. Bad business models Jerry. Bad Jerry. Bad Jerry
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