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The team isn't going to the playoffs but it come such a long way in a short time. I think the White Sox knew they had to do something in the off season after 2013 disaster. The organization deserves credit for making some good decisions. I didn't think it would. I have never been so glad to be wrong about something because things looked dire last year and not just because of a last-place finish.

When I was at opening day, I thought I saw a different team. At first, I wondered if that was just wishful thinking because of one game, but as time has passed, I can see the Sox are a different team. And I don't mean just the won-loss record. Last year the club was lifeless. This year the Sox act like they can win every game, not wait for the game to end with an inevitable loss.

I hate the term "Hope Springs Eternal." A team has to show it has some potential not just lose 90 or more games year after year and call that progress. I really don't know exactly when the Sox will be a true contending team, but at least there is real hope, not manufactured hype.
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