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Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
We all saw this year that unless 4 or 5 guys have career years this team is good for 80-85 wins. The Tigers are gonna keep throwing $ around until they win a WS so I have a feeling a division title is a ways away.

An overhaul is needed, but god damn, is it gonna suck.
You really don't know if a player is having a career year until his career is over. The Tigers may well have had career years from Cabrera and Fielder (and maybe even Berry), and they aren't going to win 90 games this year.

After the 1982 season, Jimmy Piersall went on a rant about how the Sox, who finished six games back in the West, weren't close and outlined the things they needed to do to contend, and really, how could they, faced with the loss of Kemp. The Sox did none of them, but they did win the West by 20 games in 1983. If the Sox had won one more of the winnable games on the homestand and hadn't blown a late 6-0 lead to the Tigers on an afternoon in May, if the Royals commit four errors instead of five in a game on the Tigers last homestand, the White Sox would be in first place right now.

Since the Sox beat the Tigers in the makeup game, the Sox have appeared dead, until tonight, at least. Poor pitching. Worse hitting. The team looked spent. Even Sale didn't approach being a good pitcher in his last start. I can't attribute a majority of it to pressure because it happened after the Sox came from behind to beat the Tigers in the makeup game. It was a long season for the less experienced major leaguers, and even Peavy didn't step up at the end. It's been a long season for Pierzynski because catching is such a demanding position and he probably would have benefited from having a backup give him some more days off. It's been a long season for Konerko, who came back from being hit in the face to play through the problem with his hand and come back from a concussion.

Whether it was a curse, a coincidence or insight to honor the 1972 team to the extent that they wore the 1972 home uniforms on Sundays, this team competitively was not unlike the 1972 team, although that team faded earlier in their season, going up the A's in their dynasty years. The 2012 team should get the same respect from fans.

As for the future, I don't know that an overhaul is warranted. I certainly wouldn't like the sort of overhaul that some fans would demand.

I have read that Peavy's option won't be picked up. The way he pitched later in the season, the way he blew up in that May loss at home to the Tigers for that matter, I think his elite contract days are over and belive he will be playing for less next year, wherever that may be. I expect Sale to be stronger in the future, and Danks should be returning to the rotation. I don't know if the Sox are going to pursue any free agent starters, but of late, the starting rotation has always been a priority for White Sox management.

With relievers, you really don't know what you have from year to year. The strong rookies this year may not be able to get hitters out in the future. But Jones and Reed look like they could be very good pitchers. So does Santiago, whose season started as the closer and closed as a starter.

I never really liked this team offensively. It isn't that I don't like home runs. But I don't like home runs to the exclusion of consistent hitting. When your No. 3 hitter is hitting less than .210, it really doesn't matter that he has more than 40 home runs because his failures are hurting you more than his successes are helping you. I would like to see that Sox trade Dunn in the offseaon, but that isn't going to happen. I don't believe he is the sort of hitter that can anchor a solid offense.

Coming into this season, I though the Sox had enough pitching and defense and would find enough offense to compete with the Tigers with all of their offense. I was right in that regard, at least for all but the last two weeks of the season. If in the offseason, they firm up the starting rotation and assemble an able bullpen, if they find some more line drives and fewer strikeouts in their offense, I think they might be able to compete in the Central again next year.

Some changes are inevitable. Some will be out of the team's control. I don't know what the Sox are going to do with their pitcher, let alone third base or even catcher next year. But I don't believe this team needs to be overhauled.
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