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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
And, this is always the question that doesn't get answered, HOW MUCH MONEY do the Sox make compared to other teams at the gate? Sure, we're in the bottom 3rd of butts in seats, but with the price of tickets, etc. we have to be in the top 1/2 if not 1/3 of money brought in.

People seem to treat the Sox management like they're a bunch of dopes that have no idea what they're doing, but I'm telling, you this is their plan now, they set the tickets to what they figure will get them around 25 K every night (about 50-60% of the park) in most years and they make their cash that way and then, if the team really puts it together, they're in line for a HUGE payday. Look, if the Sox are filling the park up 100%, then there's nowhere to go, right? If you're making money with 1/2 the stadium filled, why not do it?
In 2010 the Sox grossed $214M according to this site:

That was 12th even though they were 17th in attendance.

I do think it might be time to evaluate seat prices given the state of the economy, but it's a business, and if they think they are maximizing profits this way it's their call...

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