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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
The Sox have done very well retooling this year for the future. I think its time now to roll the dice and go after Tanaka. In the past 30 years the Sox have had one elite starting pitcher, BlackJack and Sale is right there knocking on the door. Thats 30 years of draft picks. The way baseball is these days, the Sox only way of getting a young elite pitcher is through the draft and as you can see that doesnt happen often. Money shouldnt be a problem going after Tanaka, it shouldnt hamstring the organization at all. Having two elite starters would put the Sox on the map and would lure FA's in the future. I am really tired of the Sox thinking small when they have the resources now to think and act big. I hope they are flying a slealth mission and are prepared to snag him to everyone's surprise.

Well at least I can still dream.

imho pitching is not the problem...they need hitting.....when i see this lineup it depresses me BUT love the kids we have picked up were headed in the right direction....
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