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Originally Posted by wilburaga View Post
Best relative available.

Seriously, I will scream if the Sox waste another draft pick on the son/daughter/nephew/niece of a Sox employee. From Schueler's daughter to Parent's kid they've all been busts. Complete and utter busts. Remember, three players the Sox drafted after Carey Schueler made the major leagues and one is still playing (Placido Polanco).
OK, dude, the two picks you reference were at least in the mid-30th round if not later. Once you get to that point, it's like trying to throw a dart at a smaller dart while riding a horse from the length of a football field. Every team had 30-something shots at Polanco, too, and they all whiffed, that's the draft.

Also, LOL, if you think the Sox are the only teams that burn a couple of picks on nepotism from time to time. Baseball is one big Good Ol' Boys Club, that's just the way it is. There are so many better things, just baseball-wise, to scream about than a team punting a 36th round draft pick.

The Sox's problems with drafting have been their **** track record in the first couple of rounds, getting all hot and bothered about something that happens in round 15 and on is well, kind of pointless.

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