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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Yet we all have our preferences. I loved Earl Weaver as a manager, but thought his insistence waiting for a 3 run homer as a bit of stupidity. IMO, sometimes you have to try to make things happen to win.
I must have missed that guy because the Earl Weaver I watched and followed was anything but passive. Yes he preferred pitching, defense and the three run homer, but he also like to study stats and trends and use them accordingly. He was a hybrid, part old time baseball man, part ahead of the curve when it came to the use of stats. Earl didn't have a computer and spreadsheets, but he studied his own guys and his opponents. He wasn't above pulling a rabbit out of a hat like he did in this game against our Sox. Was I ever mad. If you weren't paying attention to what you were doing Earl would make you pay.,137344

As a manager Earl Weaver was the total package and his personality and managing style were both forward thinking and aggressive.
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