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Last year on the Score, Steve Stone said the Indians (who had a great team but a crappy bullpen) would give up anything for a closer, and they would trade Grady Sizemore straight up for Bobby Jenks. I don't think there was any way in hell the Indians would consider that trade, even if Grady wasn't going to a division rival. If Kenny was offered Sizemore for Bobby, he would have been long gone.

As for this thread, the topic is unrealistic, but it is interesting to think of what price we would put on Bobby. You aren't going to get a young stud who is already tearing up MLB, but say you were offered two top prospects. Would anyone trade Bobby for two top prospects (guys who are in the top 25 overall)? I would still say no. Bullpen arms (closers in particular) who have shown they go do it year in, year out are very valuable. While Bobby is no Kevin Gregg or Jeremy Accardo, he is a top closer. We saw how much our pen changed this year with Bobby out. Unless the Sox had someone lined up who could undoubtedly step in and be average at worst, I couldn't consider it. Not on a competing team.
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