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Originally Posted by slavko View Post
Leo played the same guys every day and wore them out. When the Mets made their move, there was nothing left to stop them. I missed it all. Roughing it south of the border, no contact with US sports news, no reason to check because they had it wrapped up. Crossed back into USA and they were still up a half game but the eventual outcome was obvious.

Who you gonna blame besides Leo? And of course, choking, which it's Leo's job to prevent. OK, I give some credit to a marvelous surge by the Mets. And chemistry. Leo walking off the team for a weekend to visit his wife's kid at summer camp during a crucial series. Pizza Man peeving off all of MLB and most of his teammates. Must have been a tight clubhouse that September.

Good times.
Pitching stafff has to take alot of the blame for the collapse- when they lost 11 of 12 to give up the lead- they gave up 6+ runs in 7 of the 12 losses. To be fair to Durocher- not much of a bench to work with.
Players that are an important part of the rebuild:
Anderson, Giolito, Lopez, Moncada
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