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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Ultimately, Dunn is better offensive and defensive DH than Beckham is an offensive and defensive 2b. I like Gordon, I think he is better served in a utility role personally, but he is a BAD hitter and an above average defender. He is a top 10 defensive 2b and a bottom 5 offensive 2b.

Yes, obviously Dunn would be better served hitting 6th since he can't keep his average in the 240's anymore. However, you also can't ignore 40 homers and over 90 RBIs.
Good post. I pretty much agree with the bolded. If either of both of these guys is unloaded hopefully we can get some help in return. If not then may Beckham and Dunn be the best they both can be. To those of you who have lost patience with Beckham I hear you.