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[QUOTE=Procol Harum;3082360]This was such a huge deal. At the time--as luck would have it--I was living in the DC area going to grad school surrounded by Oriole fans, with no access to cable TV in a grad apartment complex, and following the pennant race via the Washington Post. I do remember that night, however, holed up in our bedroom listening to the final couple of innings through a weak, static-filled signal from WMAQ. I went nuts when they won the game!

The playoff loss to Baltimore, however was crushing. Then we had such high hopes for '84 but, of course, that team went into the dumper after the All-Star Break just after they looked like they had gotten rolling again. Thankfully, we only had to wait a mere ten years between playoff appearances...

Thanks for bringing back this memory.

Was doing the MAQ thing in Philly as well.. Was all set for a Phillies over the Hill gang vs Sox World Series.. Yes, That series vs O's Junk ball was a real heartbreaker.. After Lamar won game one I was sure they'd win out at home.. Congrats 83 White Sox..You started the rebirth ow winning in Chicago. Funny how it lit a fire under the Cubbies, Bears and Hawks asses after that

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