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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
The point isn't that the promotions are stupid, (that's an entirely different discussion) but rather that the only place/time to learn about these deals is while watching the game, or by signing up to an email list. Why not advertise it on other networks when the game isn't on?
Yes, how dare the Sox think that their own fans would watch the games or subscribe to their email list! Again, I don't know how much you expect the Sox to do, especially considering you're not even not meeting them halfway here, this is a pretty well advertised deal to people who make only the most modest of attempts to connect with the team.

The Sox do advertise very aggressively some of their promos, I'd say moreso than the Cubs, but I think you'd also be hard pressed to find a business that didn't also have a few "under the radar" promos for their best customers, from the bartender at the neighborhood hole in the wall that buys a drink every now and then for his regulars or large stores that hold "Members Only" events for specific customers. Sure, it's good business to get the word out to as many people as possible about some deals you offer, but it's also good business to cultivate a group of customers who you value even more and give special perks to. That the entrance to this group for the Sox appears to be no more than receiving an email from the team 1-2 times per week is a very low bar to set.

Originally Posted by MUsoxfan View Post
And I don't think the Sox are in the position to niche market. Any ass is a good ass in the seats
That all depends on how you think the Sox are doing financially. If you believe the JR line that they just break even every year, sure, maybe, but if you believe that they're raking in the dough then probably not. It's long been my guess that the team purposefully prices tickets with the intent of bringing in around 20-25 K per night and making their money off that and hoping for the big year when the team is good, attendance raises, and they really cash in.

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