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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
Talk about ruining my morning. Years back a couple of prominent posters regularly trashed Rowand's fielding ability and started the criticism that Rowand is lousy defensively and takes bad routes to the ball. Since Rowand left the team the Sox have had trouble filling his shoes in CF. The one guy who had more natural ability than him didn't always bring his A game at bat and in the field for whatever reasons. As for the bad routes thing I remember a Sox outfielder, noted for his speed that would on occasion charge a ball that was clearly hit over his head. That is taking a bad route to a fly ball. Sometimes all an outfielder gets is a fraction of a fraction of a second to judge height, speed and trajectory. Last night Hunter admitted that he briefly lost the ball in the lights. The really good outfielders make those instantaneous adjustments that enable them to make difficult catches. That was a great effort by Torii Hunter. He deserves applause and credit not armchair scorn.
Agree. That was a line shot not a fly ball and it only took a few seconds for it to go out. Great effort by Hunter to even get close to making a play on it.
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