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Originally Posted by Over By There View Post
Lets look for just a moment at the premise that no one would possibly be interested in Alex Rios this offseason, because that seems to be the primary argument of those that think we should let him go now with no return. I don't know if the list of available FA outfielders posted earlier in this thread is accurate or exhaustive, but these are the names that were listed, as reasons that Alex Rios would not be desirable to a team looking for an outfielder: "Choo, Nelson Cruz, Ellsbury, McClouth, Pence, Granderson, and Corey Hart." Let's just take a second and look at this list more closely.

Choo is a good player. But is he significantly better than Rios? Choo is hitting .283 with 15 HR and 12 SB. Rios' respective numbers are .277, 12 and 26. Choo is a good player, but he is going to easily command over $10M a year anyway, and his numbers aren't much better than Rios.

Nelson Cruz can be a great hitter. But he is an admitted doper and has fought injuries.

Nate McLouth is garbage. Corey Hart has had one or two decent years and has otherwise primarily been injured.

Curtis Granderson is intriguing but has missed most of this season with injuries, and when he's played this year he's put together a .217 average.

Hunter Pence's numbers, again, are really not that different than Rios'. He's hitting .275 with 14 HRs and 17 SB.

So that leaves Ellsbury, who is clearly an elite leadoff man and will deserve the attention he gets. But that doesn't mean Alex Rios is worthless.

This is what annoys me, frankly. Several people in this thread have it in their head that Rios is worthless, and should be given away. That simply is not accurate. Look over that list above and tell me which outfielders you'd clearly rather have on your team over Alex Rios. Ellsbury, sure. But then where do you find significantly more production?

This whole thing, to me, reeks of meatheadedness. Dah, dat Alex Rios plays like he don't care - get rid of da bum! Dah, Toronto didn't want dat guy and Kenny Williams got stuck with him 'cause he's an idiot! This is our chance to get out!

Listen, Rios has frustrated me at times, too. But when you look at the situation objectively, there is no reason to rush to give him away right now. Thats the only thing I'm arguing. Look at the list above again - there will be a market for Rios this offseason. Right now the Rangers are a little bit over the barrel - don't help them out, as Hawk would say.
Excellent post my man!

And to those of you that keep saying that in the off-season Rios cannot be dealt because there are cheaper options, I ask you this: What's cheaper, Rios at 1/13 or 2/26 or Choo at 5/70 or Cruz at 3/45, etc... Most teams look at the total money of the deal, not the per year cost.
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